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What name can I register?

SWITCH will refuse registration of a domain name if:

  • the domain name contains characters other than those according to the currently applicable Annexes of these GTC (capital letters are displayed as corresponding lower case letters);
  • the domain name contains hyphens as the first, as the third combined with the fourth and/or as the last character (e.g. "", "", "");
  • the domain name or the ACE string contains fewer than 3 or more than 63 characters, subject to statutory exceptions or exceptions approved by OFCOM or the Office of Communications;
  • the domain name is identical to a domain name already registered or to one applied for by an earlier request but such request still being in process or to one in the transition period;
  • the domain name in question has been reserved by OFCOM or the Office of Communications (e.g. names of municipalities), unless the requirements for registration defined by OFCOM/Office of Communications for the relevant category are met;
  • the applicant does not meet the cpr144449003101 requirements applicable to the registration request.

SWITCH may refuse registration if:

  • Important technical reasons or compliance with international standards require it;
  • the ability to pay is dubious, in particular if the future holder and/or billing contact designated in the request is insolvent as defined in art. 83 CO, is in default of bill payments for domain names already assigned or does not pay the advance which SWITCH may request for the assignment of domain names for amounts in excess of CHF 500.00;
  • there is an evident risk that SWITCH could make itself legally liable due to the registration of the domain name. In these cases the refusal takes place in consultation with OFCOM or the Office of Communications respectively;
  • the applicant cannot be contacted for queries, or does not reply within 10 working days (receipt of the reply by SWITCH).