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What name can I register?

A restricted domain is one of these : any country code, .gov, .net, .edu, .ac, .com, .co, .int, .mil, .gouv, or any other name related to government or public company use. Contact if you want to create such a domain. Note however that it will be assigned only if sponsored by an official authority. We also discourage generic names such as .bank, .nom, .art, ... or a geographic notion as it also misleads people.

An undesirable name is defined as being vulgar, offensive, misleading people or inappropriate. It also includes domains used for fraudulent or criminal activity, and for phishing and spamming, and is used for creating dysfunctions on cpr144449003101 the internet. It is also applicable for domain registration of well known brands/trademarks registered by third parties without the consent of the owner of the brands/trademark. The domain will be deleted immediately at the owner's request.