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What name can I register?

  1. The domain name must have a minimum of two and maximum of 63 characters.
  2. No characters other than alphanumeric (1 to 9 and a to z) and hyphen characters are accepted. It should be noted that hyphen will not be allowed as the first or last character of a domain name.
  3. The domain names containing religious words, geographical names, existing generic top-level domain name words, and those which are similar or identical to domain names that already exist shall not be registered. The registering authority reserves the right to cancel the registration of a domain which is contradictory to public interests, principles of humanity and religious feelings.
  4. The authority can also delete a domain name from the domain database upon the written request of the registrant.
  5. Any legal dispute arising in the matter of domain registration will be resolved in accordance with the laws prevailing in the Republic of Tajikistan and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Reserved and Special domain names:

The following names have special status and shall not be registered unless under special rules:
  • Names which contain words that might suggest a link to the Government of Tajikistan
  • Names which contain words that suggest cpr144449003101 a link to religious confessions
  • Names which contain "TJNIC", "NIC" and variations thereof;
  • Names which are geographical names of Tajikistan (e.g. Pamirs, Hissar, Kulob, Sarez, etc.);
  • Names of existing generic top-level domain names and any other created or to be created by ICANN in the future. These domain names are used for creation third-level domain name space under the second level domains.
  • Names such as "www", "http", "https" or "http-www";
  • Names which are similar or identical to domain names registered under other domain name space and which the registering authority deems undesirable;
  • Names which in the registering authority’s sole and absolute opinion, are undesirable or unsuitable for registration.

In general, the registering authority reserves the two-letter country codes listed in ISO 3166 for registration as second and third-level domain names. However, if an applicant can demonstrate to the registering authority satisfaction that the two-letter code are the same as the acronyms of his products/services or of his business/company name and that the applicant has been registering the same name under other domain space, the registering authority will consider the registration of such names, provided the registration does not contravene any of the provisions of the Registrant Agreement.

The Applicant represents, warrants and undertakes to Registrant that at the time of the application for the domain name, and at all times thereafter the domain name applied for does not infringe any registered trade mark, is not identical to or confusingly similar with either a registered trade mark, company or business name and does not infringe the rights of any third parties in relation to any applicable treaties or international agreements.