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.bike FAQ

.bike General FAQ

.bike, one of the new proposed generic top-level domains is intended for use by bicycling or cycling community and businesses. Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities; in the U.S. 57 million Americans cycle and take more than 90 million cycling trips a year according Adrenaline TLD, Inc. the applicant of .bike.

The mission of Adrenaline TLD is for .bike to bring the global cycling community together to share experiences and information across dedicated spaces. Over $30 billion is spent on the cycling industry globally every year and growing. Your business is vital to the continued expansion and success of cycling. Continue your growth and expand the value you provide with a .bike domain name. Access a global market place that that continues to expand and grow. Cycles outsell cars globally every year. Your brand is saving the environment one cycle at a time. Grow the value of your brands in communities as passionate as you. Bring together the cycling community online through your own dedicated brand space and help them share experiences to foster their growth.
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