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What name can I register?


5.1. LABEL essence - At the time of registration, the LABEL, forming the DOMAIN NAME, shall be both valid and appropriate.
5.2. Validity of LABEL
5.2.1. The following characters shall be valid in forming the LABEL:

- ASCII characters, notwithstanding small and capitals [A-Z, a-z];

- characters in Cyrillic notwithstanding small and capitals [А-Я, а-я] in compliance with the requirements from it.1.3. When this requirement cannot be met, the LABEL must be written with letters from the Latin alphabet;

- numbers [0-9];

- hyphen [-].

The first and the last character shall be either a letter or a number. It is recommended that the first character be a letter. The invalid characters shall be omitted or exchanged with the hyphen sign [-].

5.2.2. The LABEL shall be at least 3, but not more than 63 characters long. When the chosen LABEL consists of two characters only, the REGISTRY recommends the hyphen sign '-' to be included between the characters.
5.2.3. The LABEL shall be different from any existing such Top Level Domains (ARPA, COM, EDU, GOV, MIL, NET, ORG, INT, ...). The list of reserved LABELS is published at
5.3. Reserved LABELS
5.3.1. The names of municipalities and districts are reserved for their respective district governors.
5.3.2. The names of countries are reserved for their respective embassies or consulates.
5.3.3. The following labels shall be reserved within the REGISTRY: bgnic, bg-nic, nicbg, nic-bg, nic, register, registar, registry, theregister, the-register, theregistry, the-registry, registrar, theregistrar, the-registrar, domain, domains, domain-registry, domains-registry, internet, cctld, cc-tld, bgtld, bg-tld, tld, регистър, регистъра, регистърът, регистри, регистърбг, регистър-бг, бгрегистър, бг-регистър, домейн, домейна, домейнът, домейни, домейните, бгдомейн, бгдомейни, бгдомейните, бг-домейн, бг-домейни, бг-домейните, домейнбг, домейнибг, домейнитебг, домейн-бг, домейни-бг, домейните-бг, домейнрегистър, домейн-регистър, регистърдомейни, регистър-домейни, регистърнадомейни, регистър-на-домейни, име, имена, имената, името, интернет.
5.3.4. When the requested LABEL is already in use, the applicant shall either choose another LABEL or wait until that label is free for use.
5.4. Inappropriate LABELS
5.4.1. REGISTRANTS shall not choose LABELS formed of obscene and/or abusive words or combinations of words, as well as any LABEL contrary to public interest and the good manners.
5.4.2. When the requested LABEL can cause confusion, the REGISTRANT shall choose another name.
5.5. LABEL when registering a DOMAIN NAME in the top level zone .bg
5.5.1. When choosing the LABEL of the DOMAIN NAME, the REGISTRANT shall consider the possibility that the DOMAIN NAME registration can be disputed by other applicants. During a DISPUTE procedure the DOMAIN NAME shall be considered as PROTECTED, if for its formation the REGISTRANT has used and provided grounds to use the LABEL to the REGISTRY, corresponding to: REGISTRANT's name. REGISTRANT's registered trade mark or geographic designation, or any such in process of registration in the Patent Bureau of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the latter case it is necessary to sign a conditional agreement for registration of the DOMAIN NAME.

Any such trade mark or geographic designation shall be valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The name of the trade mark or the geographic designation can not be abbreviated. Registered name of a publication (for example with an ISSN or ISBN). Name of a program or a project of the state, regional, or municipal administrations and institutions of an EU member state. Name, acquired by the REGISTRANT according to issued licenses, valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Consortium or non-personified civil society union name. Name of a media program or a show. Name of a cpr144449003101 cultural, sport, scientific or other event. Name of a coalition, initiative committee or other name, used by a candidate for a campaign in parliamentary, presidential or local elections. Name to use in connection with a franchising contract. Name of any artistic form of group formed and registered in accordance with Article 83 of the Copyright and Similar Rights Act. Name of a categorized tourist site. Name of a construction site. Name of a vessel.

5.5.2. When registering a PROTECTED DOMAIN NAME in the top level zone .bg, the LABEL is formed by: The full name. An abbreviation formed out of one or some of the words being part of the full name and the first characters of the remaining words (observing their sequence). An abbreviation formed out of the first characters of the words forming the full name, observing their sequence (abbreviation). When the applicant's name contains a number, it is accepted the domain name to be formed out of the number in say-format, and vice-versa. When a name is composite, formed out of separate words or initial characters of words used generally to form the name, the hyphen sign (-) can be put on place. When a label cannot be formed in any of the enumerated ways, as it is no longer available, after the requested combination of characters (as provided for in it., it., it., it. or it is accepted to place a number or characters "bg" or "бг", separated or not with the hyphen sign (-). When a name contains the word Bulgaria, it may be either omitted, or replaced with the characters "bg" or "бг". When the label ends with the word "бг", "bg", ".бг" or ".bg", the word can be omitted. Some generally accepted abbreviations, or words, such as: "ltd", "plc", "inc", "co","company", "corporation", "international" (or their equivalents) can be omitted. When a name contains the name of a city, state or continent, they may be omitted or a generally accepted abbreviation can be used. To the subject's name can be added the name or the generally accepted abbreviation of the city of their official seat. When in the REGISTRANT's name the name of a patron is included, the latter may be omitted or to be used alone. When a name contains a repetitive abbreviation, the latter may be omitted. When a name contains the character "&, the latter shall be omitted or replaced with the conjunction "and", the hyphen sign "-" or the letter "n;" The name may be translated to a foreign language or transliterated with ASCII characters.

5.5.3. When registering PROTECTED DOMAIN NAMES in the top level zone .bg, conditional agreements can be signed under the following conditions: When the existence of grounds is considered according to a future uncertain event, a conditional agreement for registration of the domain name shall be signed with the REGISTRANT. When a postponed condition is fulfilled and when an impossibility occurs regarding the fulfillment of a terminable condition, the conditional agreement shall become unconditional regarding the event, whereas when an impossibility occurs regarding the fulfillment of a postponed condition or when a terminable condition is fulfilled, the agreement shall be canceled from the moment of learning of the fact by the REGISTRY. When cancelling a conditional agreement under it., the REGISTRANT can change the DOMAIN NAME registration to make the DOMAIN NAME UNPROTECTED by submitting an APPLICATION for changing the DOMAIN NAME registration details.