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What name can I register?

Article 10:

The following are not attributable as domain name:

  • names that have already been registered subject to the provisions of Article 14 or were suspended, pursuant to Article 18 of this Act;
  • names manifestly contrary to public order and morality; - names associated with the operation of the Internet;
  • names that express racial hatred, ethnic or religious. Are also unavailable to cpr144449003101 the terms constituting the names referred above, in their transcription in any language.

Article 11:
Are reserved words, the terms "Burkina Faso", the names and acronyms of institutions State the names of local authorities in Burkina Faso, the names of organizations international technical terms of the Internet, the names of the regulated professions, the generic terms, the names having been filed with a national, regional and international protection of trademarks. Registration of reserved words as domain names is subject to conditions particular related to identity and entitlement.

Article 12:
The list of reserved words and terms is not attributable established by the register accordance with this Act and published on its website. It is updated as of need.