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AMNIC or AM NIC stands for Armenia Network Information Centre. It is the registry for the AM country top level domain (TLD).

AM NIC works on a non-profit basis and is governed by the Internet Society of Armenia (ISOC AM). The main function of AM NIC is to provide domain registration service, manage the domain database and operate the Domain Name System servers for AM TLD.

By registration of a domain name on the Internet the registrar, ISOC AM, and Armenia Network Information Center (AM NIC) are accepting in good faith that the registrant have the right to use such name. We can revoke a domain if cpr144449003101 it is proved that the domain is being used for spreading spam and/or any illegal or inappropriate purposes (to stir up an international, ethnic, religious discord, to abet in international terrorism, to promote violence, to boost up pornography, to support trafficking).

Armenia is a landlocked mountainous country located where Eastern Europe meets western Asia. It has been populated since before 4000 BC and it has a very rich history and culture. While the economy is largely based in agriculture, there is a growing presence of precious stone processing and jewelry making, information and communication technology and tourism. Much of the Armenian economy is supported by investment from Armenians abroad.