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.ai Domains Dispute & Policy

Last Update 20 August 2012. Please contact 101domain for more information regarding the .AI dispute policies.

1. Who can sign up to register domains?
Starting at noon eastern time on Sept 15 (1 pm Anguilla time) anyone can sign up for domains.
2. What is the cost?
The cost is $100 US for every 1 years.
3. What is the user account signup proceedure?
For people outside Anguilla there is an extra $100 US fee. We will verify your email, your phone, your fax, and your physical address. Then we wait 3 months after your card was charged to make sure there is no trouble with the charge. Then your account will be activated. Go to the sign up part of the main page to sign up.
4. Any way I can avoid that 3 month delay?
Any accounts paid for prior to Oct 1st should now be active. This was a special deal because we just opened up on Sept 15th.
5. For the account signup $100 US do I get a free domain?
No, that fee is just to get an account and does not include a domain.
6. There are two parts to the registration, when is the domain mine?
The domain is not securely yours till after you pay for it.
7. What characters are permitted in domain names?
Letters from "a" to "z", digits from "0" to "9", and "-".
8. How can I edit a bunch of my domains at once?
After you login you will see a list of your domains. On the left of each is a checkbox. Check off the domains you wish to edit (or click select all if you want to edit all). Then click on "Batch Edit". Only edit the parts of the form that you want to change, leave blank any parts that should not be changed. Then click "write" at the bottom.
9. What parts of the domain registration form are really required?
You need the domain name, at least one email address, and the names of the 2 nameservers (not IP addresses). The rest of the form can be left blank.
10. What is a handle?
It is an old way to identify people that we are not really using any more.
11. I am sure my credit card is good but the payment did not work. What is wrong?
Firefox users should not have this problem. Internet Explorer does not permit cookies from our online payment provider. To fix this, inside Internet Explorer click on "tools", then "internet options", then "privacy". You should see a slider for your cookie settings. Slide it to the bottom to accept all cookies.
12. How do I renew a domain?
After login you will see your list of domains. On the left of each is a checkbox. Check off the domains you wish to renew and then click "Pay for 2 years". You will then see the list of domains you checked and the total amount to pay. If you agree you click "PAY NOW" and you will be taken to a secure site to enter your credit card information. After you enter your info it will pop up a little window with a summary of the transaction and if you agree you click OK. After this you will be told if it worked or not.
13. How will charges show up on my credit card statement?
The name of the company doing AI registrations is "DataHaven.Net Ltd.".
14. Is there a whois server?
The whois server has been working since early 2007 but not all software knows about it yet. So you may have to specifying the name of the whois server, "". On linux you could say: "whois -h".
15. How can I see who last paid for a domain?
For payments after Nov 16, 2007 the whois server will report the email address of the user who last paid for a domain for payments after Nov 16, 2007. You can also as the whois server for more information about that user with a command like, "whois -h"
New users (after Nov 16, 2007) have to have their information verified before they can pay for a domain, so the info should be accurate for new users.
16. How soon after I make changes do they show up?
Registration changes show up instantly on However, dns/nameservers updates are done weekly on weekends.
17. I sent an email to modify or register a domain and it seems it was not done, what do I do?
We no longer process modifications or registrations by email. Please cpr144449003101 use the website to do the registration or modification.
18. How do I register a new domain?
Login and at the top of your list of domains will be "Register new domain". Click that then type in the name you want to register.
19. My company can generate your old style forms automatically, can we use those?
Yes, when you go to register a new domain, instead of filling out the form you can click on "Change to Old email Style Form". Then you can paste in a form just like the ones you used to email.
20. How do I get a user name?
In the "Password" section enter your email address and click "Retrieve password".
21. What if I forget my password?
In the "Password" section enter your email address and click "Retrieve password".
22. I did not get the email I was expecting. Where is it?
Most of the time the problem is spam filters. Look in your spam folder.
23. Can I pay for just 1 year instead of 2?
No, we only register or renew at the price of $100 US for 1 years.
24. When I register a new domain can I load the values from another domain I have?
Yes, when you see the form on the left there is a list of domains you have and if you click on one it will initialize the form with those values (except for the domain name).
25. How do I transfer a domain to someone else?
Change the admin email to the new owners email, then tell them to login and change everything else. This is to protect against transfering to an incorrect email address. We do not require any documents to transfer domains.
26. What about changing email address?
Changing your email address is just like changing users. NNote that a new user has to pay a $100 new user fee so do not change email addresses more than necessary. Your email address is your user ID.
27. How long does a login last for?
Currently it is set for the current day (till midnight in Anguilla). If you have a shared machine be sure to click "Log Out" after you are done so that you will be logged out.
28. The email address in the form no longer works, what do I do?
Put a file "ai-admin-email.html" at the top level on your web server for the domain in question and inside this put your new email. Then send me an email telling me to look for this file.
29. If I have a problem how can I contact someone?
Send email to "". If you start your email subject with "AIDOM" it will be sorted to the top and not lost in spam. You can also FAX us at 1-509-562-7833 or 1-264-497-8470. You can call on Monday or Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 am or 12:30 to 3:30 pm Eastern time at 264-497-3255. If you reply to a mass mailing with subject "AI Domain Registry" your reply can get lost with bounced emails and stuff. Please change the subject.
30. Who can edit a domain?
Any of the three emails listed for a domain, admin, technical, or billing contact. So all of these should be addresses for people you trust. With a batch edit you can easily change any that you don't trust to another email.
31. What are the minimum and maximum number of nameservers?
You must have a minimum of 2 nameservers and the names must resolve. That is, it must be possible to use the domain name system to convert the nameserver's name into an IP address. You can have a maximum of 4 nameservers.
32. What are the rules for using AI domains?
At the moment the usage must not violate the laws of Anguilla. In particular, fraud is against the law. For example, any domain that is trying to trick users into thinking they are at another website so they will enter their user name and password is committing fraud. The domain will be either removed or given to the people who own the domain that was being impersonated so they can put up a warning or any info they want.
33. What happens if we don't pay?
First the domain will be removed from the nameservers. Then if it is 3 months past due it will be removed altogether.
34. What about disputes about the wrong person getting a domain?
If the domain would violate a trademark registered in Anguilla then the trademark owner should get the domain. We are working on getting more detailed "terms and conditions" etc.