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.aero FAQ

Why should I buy a .aero domain name?

If you are part of the aviation industry, .aero is your best choice in finding a domain name that suits your company. .aero is exclusive to members of the aviation community and because of this more desirable domain names are available under .aero.

By adopting .aero, you demonstrate your presence as a player in the aviation community. You also raise your visibility in cyberspace as a true member of the aviation community and benefit from adhering to an Internet domain whose integrity is protected. Careful registration policies and qualification processes ensure that .aero names are granted only to those who qualify as genuine members of the aviation community.

The structure of .aero domain naming serves to create names that make sense to your customers. It therefore provides value to them by allowing more straightforward access to your websites. For example, the use of short and recognizable airline designator codes, followed by .aero (e.g., allows travellers easy access to the websites of the world's airlines.

This naming structure also increases your ability to position your organization through e-marketing, eBusiness, and other industry-related promotional activities. In enables you to protect your brand and promote your brand names over the Internet by registering your company name, brands, airports, trademark, etc.

Examples of .aero name structures are: cpr144449003101 (e.g.

Lastly, through the use of global standards based on the .aero naming structure, and of Internet technology, the .aero domain opens the door to a vast potential for easier, more efficient and more trusted communication between all members of the aviation community, and between this community and their customers.