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.tires Domain Information

Applicant Full Legal Name

Dog Edge, LLC

Legal Establishment

Limited Liability Company

Parent Company

Dozen Donuts, LLC

Applicant Address

155 108th Avenue NE, Suite 510
Bellevue 98004

State Jurisdiction


Applicant Website

not available

Applied for gTLD


Mission/Purpose of Domain Extension

ABOUT DONUTS Donuts Inc. is the parent applicant for this and multiple other TLDs. The company intends to increase competition and consumer choice at the top level. It will operate these carefully selected TLDs safely and securely in a shared resources business model. To achieve its objectives,... Read more


Donuts will be the industry leader in customer service, reputation and choice. The reputation of this, and other TLDs in the Donuts portfolio, will be built on: 1. Our successful launch and marketplace reach; 2. The stability of registry operations; and 3. The effectiveness of our protection... Read more

Operational Rules and Cost Benefits

Standard CHAR: 1440 Generally, during the Sunrise phase of this TLD, Donuts will conduct an auction if there are two or more competing applications from validated trademark holders for the same second level name. Alternatively, if there is a defined trademark classification reflective of this... Read more

Is this a Community-based TLD?


Is this a Geographic-based TLD?


Protection of Geographic Names

As previously discussed (in our response to Q18: Mission / Purpose) Donuts believes in an open Internet. Consistent with this we also believe in an open DNS, where second level domain names are available to all registrants who act responsibly. The range of second level names protected by... Read more

Other Applicants for .tires domain

  • Applicant Full Legal NameBridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
    Legal EstablishmentLimited Liability Company
    Parent CompanyBridgestone Americas, Inc. which is owned by Bridgestone Corporation
    Applicant Address535 Marriott Drive
    Nashville TN 37214
    State JurisdictionDelaware, United States of America
    Applicant Website
    Applied for gTLDTIRES
  • Applicant Full Legal NameThe Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
    Legal EstablishmentCorporation
    Applicant Address1144 East Market Street
    Akron OH 44316-0001
    State JurisdictionState of Delaware, USA
    Applicant Website
    Applied for gTLDTIRES