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.swiss Domain Information

Applicant Full Legal Name

Swiss Confederation

Legal Establishment

The Swiss Confederation is a sovereign State according to international law and as such has legal personality

Parent Company

Not applicable. There is no parent company

Applicant Address

Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC)
Bundeshaus Nord, Kochergasse 10
Bern BE 3003

State Jurisdiction

The Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation of 18 April 1999 (SR 101; ), in particular art. 1 and 143 and following, and the laws on the organisation of the government and the administration

Applicant Website

Applied for gTLD


Mission/Purpose of Domain Extension

The purpose of the TLD .swiss is to serve the Swiss community, defined as the community of individuals, legal entities and public institutions with a bona fide presence in Switzerland. (See responses to Question 20 regarding community delineation). The goals of the .swiss TLD are: (a) to... Read more


The key benefits of the .swiss TLD to registrants, end-users and all members of the Swiss community are derived from its purpose and use as a strictly and objectively controlled distinctive label. Registrants benefit from the very nature of the TLD, which by virtue of its purpose is designed to... Read more

Operational Rules and Cost Benefits

The pre-launch, launch and ongoing registration phases of the .swiss TLD are designed to minimize social costs and negative externalities. This will protect potential registrants and potentially affected parties while maximizing the value of the name space to its registrants and end-users. This... Read more

Is this a Community-based TLD?


Community Description Details

The .swiss TLD belongs to and serves the Swiss community.The following clauses (A), (B) and (C) describe the delineation of the Swiss community and corresponding policy principles of the .swiss TLD. (A) The Swiss community comprises individuals, legal entities and public institutions with a bona... Read more

Applicant Community Relationship

The applicant is the Government of the Swiss Confederation. It is democratically elected by universal suffrage and has the authority to make key decisions on behalf and in the interest of all community stakeholders. The Swiss community extends beyond the territorial borders of the Swiss... Read more

Community-based Purpose

As described under Questions 18(a), the purpose of the .swiss TLD is: (a) to facilitate digital communications to and from, as well as within, the Swiss community; (b) to support and promote the international visibility and renown of Switzerland and the Swiss community, Swiss culture, monuments and... Read more

Domain Extension Community Relationship

The .swiss TLD serves the Swiss community as described under (A) in the answer to Q20a. The TLD string ".swiss" is the adjective in English that refers to Switzerland and to the Swiss people. It is the distinctive element of the official name of the country, i.e."Swiss Confederation" in... Read more

Intended Community-based Registration Policies

As described in the response to Questions 20(a), two types of conditions must be fulfilled for the right to register a .swiss name. These are: (A) community membership (bona fide presence in Switzerland) and (B) Registration of domain names under the .swiss TLD is restricted to members of the... Read more

Is this a Geographic-based TLD?


Protection of Geographic Names

1. Reserved List of Geographic Names In accordance with Specification 5 of the proposed TLD Registry Agreement published as Attachment to Module 5 of the Applicant Guidebook by ICANN, and with Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) advice on geographic names at the second level, the .swiss Registry... Read more

Other Applicants for .swiss domain

  • Applicant Full Legal NameSwiss International Air Lines Ltd.
    Legal EstablishmentLimited
    Parent CompanyAir Trust Ltd.
    Applicant AddressMalzgasse 15
    Basel 4052
    State JurisdictionSwiss Code of Obligations (OR)
    Applicant Website
    Applied for gTLDSWISS