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.feedback Domain Information

Applicant Full Legal Name

Top Level Spectrum, Inc.

Legal Establishment


Applicant Address

not available

State Jurisdiction

Delaware Corporation

Applicant Website

Applied for gTLD


Mission/Purpose of Domain Extension

Top Level Spectrums' mission for .feedback is to create a recognizable, viable, and profitable extension to bring together individuals and companies who are passionate about the the registrant's product or service. The registrant can create a website dedicated to dealing with feedback and support... Read more


i.) What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation? It is our expectation that .feedback will be primarily used by companies and enthusiasts. Given the wide range of what can be classified as feedback related we do not intend to limit the gTLD... Read more

Operational Rules and Cost Benefits

i. How will multiple applications for a particular domain name be resolved, for example, by auction or on a first-come/first-serve basis? During our sunrise and landrush periods, which we anticipate to begin 4 months after the signing of the registry agreement and lasting for a period of some 2... Read more

Is this a Community-based TLD?


Is this a Geographic-based TLD?


Protection of Geographic Names

Top Level Spectrum has considered the relevant provisions of the new TLD Registries Agreement, the GAC Advice ʺGAC Principles Regarding new TLDsʺ and the procedures adopted by other gTLD registries and intends to use the procedure described below with regards to protection of geographic names in... Read more