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.poker Domain Information

.poker is a proposed new generic Top Level Domain ( gTLD ) intended for poker related websites. Currently, poker domain names are extremely difficult to obtain, pretty much every poker domain you can think of has been purchased. A large percentage of those are not being used, but are being warehoused and offered for sale in the secondary market. Just go to one of the many poker domain reseller sites to see current names and prices that are available. There is clearly a need of for domains in this specific industry. The subject and industry of poker is understood worldwide. The game is played online and in cardrooms everywhere. The word poker means the same thing to people everywhere. Poker transcends geographical borders and language barriers. The creation of the .poker will naturally help to categorically organize information on the web. As more sites related to poker are created, they will naturally migrate toward this new top level domain. The industry is specific, it is large, and it is growing beyond the capabilities of the current domain system.

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