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Webcams have forever changed the way we communicate, making the science fiction of recent generations ago a mainstream reality. Whether watching over a baby overnight, seeing a loved one's face from the other side of the planet, or facilitating business through vital face to face conference calls, the applications of webcams are various and significant. The mission and purpose of .webcam is to create an environment where individuals and companies can interact and express themselves in ways never before seen on the Internet, in a more targeted, secure and stable environment. Its purpose is to become the premier online destination for such creators and their wide range of users. The .webcam TLD will establish an Internet space whose main function is to provide a platform for creating, producing and disseminating informative, creative and innovative content that is associated with webcams.

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Launch Schedule For New gTLDs

  • 2011
    • June 20, 2011 Applicant Guidebook Approved by ICANN
  • 2012
    • January 2012 Application Round Opens
    • June 2012 Applications Made Public
  • 2014
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    • Late 2014 Registration Begins