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What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click or ppc advertising is a marketing strategy in which you purchase traffic from search engines.

Each time someone enters a search in a search engine, they are served with both organic and sponsored results. The sponsored results are a result of someone's ppc efforts. The search engines analyze the keywords that the advertiser is targeting, and serve them based on many different factors in an auction system to determine the positioning of the ads.

Why is Pay Per Click Important?

With over 15 years online marketing experience we have learned some crucial lessons, and one of the biggest is that traffic is king.

You just launched a new website, you did all of your due diligence and followed all the SEO rules, or even hired a professional to do it for you, but still you are not ranking.

What Type of Pay Per Click Advertising Do You Need?

Then you need a PPC Starter Report

We will work with you to analyze your online marketing needs from the bottom up. We will help you identify your strongest assets and tailor our marketing strategies to fully exploit and highlight their strengths. We will help you identify your core keywords, create compelling ad copy, and analyze your competition so we can hit the ground running with minimal down time due to trial and error.

450.00 USD

Then you need a PPC Overhaul Report

Sometimes marketing programs, and PPC in general, just need a fresh set of eyes and minds. We will fully assess your current campaigns, looking at key metrics such as CPC, CTR, Quality Scores, CPA, and help you bridge the gap between your current and target ROIs.

600.00 USD