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What name can I register?

Any name can be registered under a [.EXTESION]. However, the registration reserves the right to cancel domain name registrations which adversely affect the reputation of the Top Level Domain of [.EXTESNION].

VUNIC feels very strongly that the sending of unsolicited bulk email or excessive Usenet posting ("spamming") constitutes theft of service, and we do not condone the use of .VU domain names for this purpose.

If we receive complaints that a .VU domain name has been used for this purpose, we will advise the domain owner of the complaint and request that they desist from this activity. VUNIC reserves the right to remove any .VU cpr144449003101 name registration if a name is used as a source of spam, or an address to which to reply to such bulk mail solicitations. We will also publish the names and contact information for any accounts terminated for such a reason.