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What name can I register?


NASK is 'Naukowa i Akademicka Sieć Komputerowa' [the Scientific and Academic Computer Network] a research and development entity with a registered office in Warsaw, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register at number: 0000012938.

Tenderer is an entity or natural person who has submitted a tender directly to the NASK or through a Partner in order to enter into the Agreement.

By submitting the Tender, the Tenderer guarantees that the data included in the Tender is accurate and that the submission of the Tender and the performance of the Agreement do not infringe any third parties' rights or the law. The NASK may require additional documents concerning the data included in the Tender.

The NASK shall not examine whether by entering into or performing the Agreement the Subscriber has infringed the third parties' rights or the law. The entering into the Agreement does not mean that the Subscriber shall be given any rights concerning the Domain Name except for those clearly resulting from the Agreement nor that the Tender or the performance of the Agreement by the Subscriber infringes the third parties' rights.

Names such as county, commune or towns in .pl Domain are prohibited unless the Tenderer is a competent unit of local self-government or the State represented by a competent administration unit.

The consequences of submitting false statements, giving incorrect or cpr144449003101 untrue data shall burden the Tenderer and the Subscriber.

The NASK can use e-mail addresses given by the Tenderer or the Subscriber to communicate in cases concerning the Tender or the Agreement. E-mails sent at the above addresses shall be deemed duly delivered. The Subscriber's correspondence can be sent by fax even in case a written form of the Subscriber's statement is required in the Regulations but the NASK can require the document to be delivered in original. Tenderer should reply in 7 days time or risk losing the domain name.

The provisions of these Regulations shall not infringe consumers' rights arising out of the law in force.

These Regulations shall constitute a part of the Agreement, and if any discrepancy arises between the provisions of these Regulations and the Agreement, the provisions of the Agreement shall apply.

In cases not specified by the Regulations and the Agreement, the Polish law shall apply. Any Disputes concerning the obligations arising from the Agreement between the Subscriber whose place of abode or registered office is situated outside the territory of Poland and the NASK shall be resolved by common courts competent due to the NASK's registered office location.