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What name can I register?

Eligible Domain Names and Basic Domain Name Principles for[.EXTENSION]

Domain names should not affect the rules of competition, trade, morality, public order, the rights of third parties, including the name, image and reputation of an individual or entity.

Domain names must not be less than two (2) nor more than two hundred fifty five (255) characters (63 from each). Finally, a domain name has no purpose or effect of inducing confusion in the public mind about a person or entity.

Terms Banned:

Domain names should not undermine national security, public order, the interests of the state and public institutions, or be contrary to morality and decency, and they should not undermine religion, language, culture, political opinions or use racist terms. The applicant is free to choose its domain name. However, if, in retrospect, the competent authorities consider that the name infringes safety, public order, the interests of the state and public institutions, or is contrary to morals and good customs, the manager removes it after informing the provider. This decision must be substantiated.

Reserved Terms:

These domain names whose registration is subject to specific conditions, related to identity and entitlement. Areas under "reserved" include, for example, technical terms of the Internet (ARPANET, inaddr, ipv6, icann, etc..), The names of the regulated professions (lawyer, surgeon, doctor, etc..), The terms related to the functioning and state institutions (embassy, ministry, police, etc..), the names of cities (Dakar, Touba, Thies, etc..), generic terms, etc..

They also relate the names having been the subject of a filing with national, regional and international authorities responsible for the protection of trademark rights, according to the international conventions signed by the State of Senegal.

The list of reserved words is available on the website manager. This list is evolving and the applicant is asked to read it online.

NIC Senegal only processes requests for zone 'SN', it is not empowered to cpr144449003101 conduct operations in areas of other countries or areas as organizational 'COM' and 'EDU'.

Records as:

ORG.SN, organizations or associations;
COM.SN, organizations, commercial nature;
ART.SN, business culture;
EDU.SN, education institutions and vocational training
PERSO.SN, individuals can however be performed under special conditions. We refer to these extensions descriptive

• Please note that the domain name applied for must fulfill the criteria as follows: does not match a name service (web, mail, chat, etc.);
• reflect the name, initials or name of a product (tangible or intangible) of the applicant;
• At least 3 characters.

The common nouns and proper names are registered only if they match the name, logo or product of the applicant organization, if applicable, a document proving it may be required.

The names of regions, municipalities, cities, locations, etc..are recorded only when the corresponding requests emanate structures that manage these entities (eg, regional councils, city halls, ...).