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What name can I register?

The list of prohibited terms includes a list of terms reduced and updated for use as Internet domain name, to be able to generate confusion, is prohibited.

Prohibited domain name based on any of the cases related to follows:

  1. It is a domain name coindice second level with a name top-level domain (such as .edu , .com, .gov, .thousand, .Uk , .Fr ...), or one of those proposed to be in the process of study with the organization responsible for its creation.
  2. It is a domain name coindice second level with a term of Internet generally known.
  3. It is a prohibited domain name by court order.
  4. It is a prohibited domain name having previously been cybersquatting.
  5. It is a prohibited domain name being the subject cpr144449003101 of proceedings extrajudicial conflict of legal proceedings or proceedings cancellation.
  6. It is a domain name and requested the allocation of which has not yet been able to processed for technical reasons.

The lists of reserved words, domain names on the second level which may not be assigned freely, are three:

  • First, given the nature of a relationship reserved for domain name related to the names of other constitutional bodies State institutions, as well as relative terms to the Royal Family who have not previously been assigned vacated.
  • The second gives the character of reserved domain names related to the names of international and supranational organizations officially accredited, which have not been previously registered or which become available.
  • The third gives the character reserved for a current list of domain names consisting of names that match the official name of territorial public administrations and have not been assigned or which become available. Also included is a list for names listed in the ISO 3166-1 list in its official version and its translation into Castilian.