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The Customer shall not:

  1. Use the service for any illegal purposes, nor for sending any massage which is offensive on moral, religious, communal, or political grounds, or is abusive, of an indecent, obscene, or menacing character.
  2. Use the service for sending message without reasonable cause, or for causing any threat, harassment, annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person whomsoever.
  3. Use the service to evade or contravene the laws of any State, or to infringe the copyright, or any other intellectual property rights, to the information or resources available through
  4. Use the service to again access, or attempt to again access, to any information, resource, or computer system to which access is restricted, without holding valid authority for such access.
  5. Use the service to disseminate to any person whatever any information which is subject to control or restriction by any computer Authority for such access.
  6. Trade on, resell, hire, assign, transfer access, or in any other way dispose of the service without prior approval form TeleYemen.

The customer hosting his home pages in the homepage server shall not:

  1. Have any pages that contain obscene pictures or are offensive on moral grounds.
  2. Have any pages including data that are inconsistent with the provisions of the Holy Qoran, the Prophet Mohamed's Traditions and the Islamic jurisdiction.
  3. Have any home pages that are offensive cpr144449003101 on moral, religion, communal or political grounds.
  4. Have any home pages that may cause disturbance of security, National Unity, instability, call for or encourage such illegal acts in the country.
  5. Have any data that are offensive to Yemen, its history, culture and relationship with any of the world countries.
  6. Have any pages that contains defamatory data against any party, entity in Yemen or abroad


  1. Teleyemen reserves the right to monitor the customer home pages in any manner that deems fit.
  2. Teleyemen disclaims all liability whatsoever for any loss or corruption of data however caused.

Laws and Interpretations

  1. This Agreement is subject to, and is applied in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Yemen.
  2. The Arabic text of this Agreement is the definite Agreement. The English text is for guidance only.