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What name can I register?

The following principles apply to all second level domains

The administration of the TLD UY and second-level domains is considered a public service to the entire community in the country, so the domain registration, at all levels, should be performed with absolute fairness and transparency, and considering the public interest.

Aspects relating to ownership of property or TLD UY or second-level domains, are incorrect. It is appropriate to the concepts of "responsibility" and "service" to the community.

  1. The administrator UY TLD must be an entity residing in Uruguay and is recognized as a major player in Internet development in the country, independent and neutral. This should promote access to Internet at all levels, and their use within the country.
  2. The administrator UY TLD is aware that while there is only one domain administrator, you cannot abuse this. The same consideration applies to the second level domains.
  3. The costs are defined for the registration of a domain under UY should be established non-profit , and should wherever possible in line with the cost of registration of the other Internet domains.
  4. The registration of a domain under UY not cpr144449003101 grant trademark rights or ownership of that domain.
  5. The administrator of UY-class and second-level domains, is not responsible for any injury legal intellectual property or other rights , by the mere fact to register a domain in the DNS (Domain Name System) .
  6. The administrator of UY and second-level domains will develop regulations for use of the domain and registration procedures that includes these principles. Also promote the existence of mechanisms to resolve, quickly and efficiently, any legal disputes regarding the registration of domain names under UY.
  7. The administrator of a domain under UY, at all levels, is responsible for collaborating in the detection and resolution of security incidents originated in the domain given by him.