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What name can I register?

The registrant name must meet one of the following requirements:

  • The registrant name must contain 4 or more characters (any). - OR -
  • The registrant name must contain 3 or more letters (a-z).

Explanation: If numbers or punctuation are included in the registrant name (registrant name consists of any type of characters), the minimum length is 4 characters. If there are only letters from a-z in the registrant name, there must be a minimum of 3 characters.

There are three aspects to choosing a domain name:

  • The choice of Top Level Domain – such as .uk
  • The choice of Second Level Domain - such as, or
  • The name itself - such as

Domain names must cpr144449003101 meet the following requirements:

The Third Level Domain may only contain the following thirty-seven characters ("Characters") or a combination thereof:

  1. the twenty-six unaccented Roman letters (i.e. a-z inclusive);
  2. the ten western digits (i.e. 0-9 inclusive); and
  3. hyphens.
  4. The first or last Characters of a Third Level Domain may not be a hyphen.
  5. Nominet does not offer Internationalized Domain Names and so domain names that start with the characters "xn--" (i.e. "xn" followed by two dashes) may not be registered.
  6. For policy reasons Characters corresponding to an existing SLD in .uk shall not be permitted as a Third Level Domain within,, and At present these are the following: ac, co, gov, ltd, me, mil, mod, net, nhs, nic, org, plc, police and sch.
  7. For a combination of policy and continuing technical reasons the Characters "com" and "uk" shall not be permitted as a Third Level Domain within,, or
  8. Until further notice, the Domain Name (e.g. may not be more than sixty-four Characters long in total, including the SLD and TLD. It has been intend to allow longer domain names, where the third level domain has a maximum of 63 Characters. This change will be brought in when possible and the amended limit shall take effect when announced on Nominet's website.