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What name can I register?

There is no restriction on the number of domain names that a single entity or person can register.

  1. A domain name may be revoked if it is used for offensive, immoral or illegal purposes, including "Spam".
  2. A domain name may be revoked if found to be in contravention of published policies and procedures
  3. A domain name may be suspended or revoked if Nic.LC is directed by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  4. Nic.LC will use reasonable efforts to make the Name Service available at all times. However, the quality and availability of the service may be affected by factors outside our control such as but not limited to: fire, flood and subsidence, physical obstructions, atmospheric conditions, acts of God, industrial action, default or failure of a third party. The service may also be affected by faults in national and international telecommunication networks on which the service may rely.
  5. The registration of a new name is usually immediate and automated.
  6. .LC, .COM.LC, .NET.LC, .CO.LC, and .ORG.LC are currently available to any and all registrants worldwide for the stated fees.
  7. .EDU.LC is available ONLY to valid local Educational Institutions.
  8. .GOV.LC is available ONLY to valid local Government departments, agencies, ministries, etc.
  9. In the case of restricted second or third level domains (such as .EDU.LC and .GOV.LC), applicants may be asked to provide proof of their identity, or details of their existence as a properly constituted Saint Lucian organisation, and evidence of their ability to meet the conditions for holding such a domain name.
  10. For the purposes of registration policies and prices, Saint Lucian "offshore" or "International" companies are not considered local Saint Lucian entities. Nic.LC will use established laws and government policies to determine who or what constitutes Saint Lucian entities.
  11. Upon application for registration of a new domain name, name holders agree to be bound by all published policies and terms of service. Where the name holder makes use of an agent, the agent agrees that it has made its client aware of all policies - and - that the client agrees to be bound by those policies.
  12. If there is conflict between an applicant for a new domain name and the holder of an existing name, it is for those parties to resolve the conflict. Any resulting change in registration details of the existing name must be mutually agreed between the parties.
  13. Nic.LC does not decide whether an applicant has a legitimate right to the name. The applicant, in lodging the request for the name, warrants that it is entitled to register the name as requested.
  14. Applicants who misrepresent their entitlement to register or use a name are warned that this may result in action from others who claim rights to the name. If Nic.LC, or any of their agents, officers or employees incur costs through involvement in disputes over names, any applicant for, or holder of, a name which is subject to a dispute will be liable for those costs.
  15. A domain name may be cancelled or redelegated at any stage where the name holder does not comply with these requirements or fails to meet any fees or other liabilities in connection with the registration or use of the domain name.
  16. Nic.LC reserves the right to change any and all policies at any time, providing that such policy changes become effective upon posting on this and other websites.

For second level domain names under .lc or third-level domain names under,,,, insert the name of the domain you wish to register, for example, The total length of the two-part name may be up to 63 characters. The only characters allowed in a domain name are letters, digits and the dash (-). A domain name cannot begin or end with a dash. Briefly:

  • .lc is for any person or organization worldwide
  • is for commercial, for-profit organizations worldwide
  • is for miscellaneous usually non-profit organizations worldwide
  • is usually for network cpr144449003101 infrastructure machines and organizations worldwide
  • is usually for commercial, for-profit organizations worldwide
  • is reserved for Saint Lucia educational institutions only
  • is reserved for Saint Lucia government agencies only

Blocked or Reserved Domain Name Policy

The following domain names are blocked or barred from registrations or are reserved (registered) by the Registry:

  1. For technical reasons domain names beginning with two characters followed by two dashes are barred from registration.
  2. Numbers Used for local emergency calls
  3. All number combinations in the format which constitutes or could in the future constitute local or international medical benefits, social security, national ID, Tax ID number
  4. Single digits
  5. Letters of the alphabet
  6. Country codes
  7. Example and test domains
  8. Misleading Names
  9. Second level domains
  10. Sub-domains
  11. Others
  12. Names of Countries

All current domain names that are in violation of these Regulations will be transitioned from the current registrant to the Registry upon the Expiration Dates current on or before May 15, 2007. They cannot now be renewed beyond the current expiration date.

If a domain name that violates this policy is later found to have been registered, then the registration would be found to be invalid, and the domain name will either be deleted or transferred to the Registry. The registrant, reseller or registrar will be reimbursed the amount actually if any.