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What name can I register?

Certain domains are reserved and these can only be registered as Domain Names under special conditions. The list of reserved domains and the special conditions for their registration are published on the EIF website.

Certain domains are blocked and these cannot be registered as a Domain Name. The list of blocked domains is published on the EIF website.

A Domain Name is not registered if it is identical to a Domain Name with a valid registration.

The Registrant undertakes in good faith before EIF to fulfil the Domain Regulation and instructions published by EIF, and agrees and confirms that:

  • The information in the application cpr144449003101 submitted by the Registrant is correct;
  • The Registrant has the desire and the Registrant also has the right to use the Domain Name marked in the application;
  • The registration and use of the Domain Name does not, to the knowledge of the Registrant, violate any valid legal acts or third party rights;

For complete regulation see here: