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.bank FAQ

Can anyone register a .bank domain name?

NoAre Individual .bank domain registrations allowed?

YesCompany or legal entities registrations allowed for .bank?

YesAre there requirements, documents, or information needed for .bank?


Only verified members of the global banking community are eligible to register .bank domains. Qualified registrants are for-profit and not-for profit business or organizations such as:

  • (3.1) State, regional and provincial banks that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority;
  • (3.2) Savings associations that are charted and supervised by a government regulatory authority;
  • (3.3) National banks that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority;
  • (3.4) Associations whose members are primarily comprised of entities identified above in 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3;
  • (3.5) Groups of associations whose members are primarily comprised of associations identified above in 3.4;
  • (3.6) Service providers that are principally owned by or predominantly supporting regulated entities identified above in 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. (if approved by the Registry Operator Board); and
  • (3.7) Government regulators of chartered and supervised banks or savings associations or organizations whose members are primarily comprised of such government regulators (if approved by the Registry Operator Board).

Domain name must: (a) correspond to a trademark, trade name or service mark of the business or organization; (b) not be a Reserved Name; and (c) not be likely to deceive or cause material detriment to a significant portion of the banking, insurance and/or financial services communities, its customers or Internet users.

Your domain submission will go through a detailed verification process to ensure that registrations are made only with organizations that meet the eligibility requirements and verification is performed at the time of initial registration and at each renewal or every two years, whichever comes first. You will complete this verification process directly with the registry. If registration is unsuccessful, only the registration fee is refundable after your domain registration request is submitted to the registry for verification. You may be required to submit certain information to Registry Operator, or its designated third-party service provider, to verify your eligibility to register a domain name in .BANK.

In accordance with our agreement with fTLD Registry Services, the Registry Operator, .BANK Registered Name Holder consents to the collection and use of Personal Data by the Registry Operator. In addition the Registry Operator reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer any Registered Name registration at their sole discretion. Registered Name Holder also agree that in the event of any dispute concerning the time of the entry of a Registered Name registration into the Registry System, the timestamp shown in the Registry System records shall control. All applicable national, state or local law, regulation or court order in relation to its operations and registrations of the .BANK shall apply. In addition, the use of privacy or proxy registration services by the Registered Name Holder in registering or maintaining domain name registrations are not permitted.

Additional information on eligibility, Registrant Obligations, naming requirements and verification process can be found Registry Operator’s website at

In addition to the .BANK Policies, which are the foundation of a protected, trusted and more secure environment for .BANK domains, other documents are included to identify a variety of security and operational requirements.

Public Interest Commitments (PICs)

These commitments are mandated by ICANN and included as Specification 11 in fTLD’s Registry Agreement. Public Interest Commitments (PICs) are reflected in 101domain Legal Agreements, the .BANK Policies or .BANK Security Requirements. Some PICs are included in .BANK Policies and in the Security Requirements.

fTLD Security Requirements

These Requirements are essential for fTLD to fulfill its mission for the .BANK domain. Some of the Requirements are drawn from the PICs and others from the Community Registration Policies included as Specification 12 to fTLD’s Registry Agreement. The Requirements address issues such registrant verification and DNSSEC and identify the responsible party (i.e., Registry Operator, Registrar or Registrant) to ensure compliance. More information is available at Enhanced Security and the Requirements may be amended from time-to-time to meet the security and other needs of the global financial services community.


Re-Verification of registrants and their domains names will occur 1) upon renewal if registered for 1 year, if registered for multiple years, then every two years upon renewal, 2) if there is a change to the organization name and 3) upon request to the registrar by the Registry Operator.

Premium Names

Registry Operator may offer premium domain names that are subject to non-standard registration fees. Please ask us about pricing for these domain names.

YesAre some .bank domain names restricted?


Some domain names may be permanently or temporarily reserved or restricted for registry operations, as premium domain names or to comply with ICANN requirements.

To comply with ICANN requirements, all two-character domains shall be initially reserved, however may be released in the future. In addition reserved names for a) International Olympic Committee, b) International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and c) Intergovernmental Organizations, for new gTLDs., are not available in accordance with ICANN. The list of these names can be found here.

YesDoes .bank domain have a special use?

Intended for banks and financial institutions.

YesOther information I need to know about .bank?

Registry Operator may offer premium domain names that are subject to non-standard registration fees. Please ask us about pricing for these domain names.

YesAre there any additional fees for .bank?

A change in the registrant company name will trigger a re-verification of the domain name. Such changes must be requested by submitting a support ticket. The fee for re-verification is $125.

NoDo I need a trademark/brand name to register .bank?

NoWHOIS Privacy service available? Trustee / Proxy service offered? Fees?

Don't Have All of These Requirements for Money Domains .bank? Our trustee service provides the required local contact information. Note: Registration for 2 years may be required on some extensions.

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